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SHHHHH. . . .
I write, sing, voice act, and photoshop things! : D

Favourite genre of music: EVERYTHEENG
Favourite cartoon character: MINNEH MOWS

Okay, here are the rules. Pick twelve characters, either yours or someone else's and answer the questions. Don't look at the questions until after you pick the characters. No cheating ;)

1) Shilah
2) Kit
3) Atsuo
4) Selene
5) Ivan
6) Jordan
7) Rev
8) Radio Hair
9) Aveline (Ave)
10) Molly
11) Jayden
12) Eira

1) [6], [7], and [8] all go out to dinner, where do they go, what do they eat, and who pays?
Jordan: AH HELL YAAAA~ Red Lobster is some fancy dining shit! *stuffs face with free biscuits*
Rev: Everything here looks so old and ancient.
RH: I'm going to end up paying, aren't I?
Jordan: N'aww, girl! We're just gonna keep on ordering free biscuits and water. THUGLYFE.

2) [12] and [9] go on a date, where do they go, how does it go?

3) [4] and [6] have a daughter, what’s her name, what is she like?

4) [2] has an embarrassing question for [9], what is it about?

5) [4] and [5] are arguing, what is it about?

6) You ask [7] what the best movie they ever saw was, what is their answer?

7) If [11] was deathly ill, how does [2] react, what does [11] have to say to [10]?

8) [10] gets into a fight, where was it, who was it with, and who won?

9) Who would make a better teacher, [12] or [4]?

10) [1] and [8] are on a quest for something, what is it?

11) [8] and [10] have an agreement, who is the brain and who is the brawn? What do they achieve?

12) [3] must work for [11], what do they have to do?

13) What can [5] do to scare [8]?

14) What would happen in a fan fiction where [9] kidnaps [8], [7] and [4] team up to get him/her back, and [12] has stolen something very precious from [2]?

15) Who does [8] choose to help him/her, [2], [11], or [5]?

16) [3] has a great idea cheer up [12], what is it?

17) Why is [12] mad at [8]?

18) [1] walks in on [3] and [5] making out, what happens next?

19) [5] needs a place to crash for a few days, who do they stay with [12] or [8]? 

20) If [6] had to who would they entrust with their safety,  [2], [3], or [4]?

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Hokutochan15 Jan 12, 2013  Student General Artist
^^ Thank you so much for the watch and for the fav! It is very much appreciated!
KimYoshiko Aug 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Choco-Kun Feb 28, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Hello there! Thanks for the devWatch!
iesnoth Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanking you for the watch! :D
yew sho welcome~! You're a wonderous artist! :iconteeheekittyplz:
kittyblack13 Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FEATURED!!!! -----> [link]
That's sho shweet. :iconcryingrainbowsplz:
kittyblack13 Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha that icon is cool! :iconcryingrainbowsplz: and no prob!
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